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On-air, tv and live event host entertaineR

Born in Montreal, Canada, growing up in Rivière-des-Prairies in a family of Haitian origin, Jay Chevery quickly became interested in the performing arts: dance, juggling, etc. A sincere smile then imprinted his young face and a sparkling joy took possession of his little body. At the age of 11, when he was watching a tv shoot, his interest in this type of profession was confirmed. The host of the show and the host of the crowd immediately fascinated him with their dynamism and their blatant joy. From that moment on, Jay knew that he wanted, with all his heart, to make a career in this field.

FROM underground PARTieS and night clubs TO CAMERAS...

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As a teenager, Jay and some friends set up a mobile disco agency called AZONE. The creation of this agency opened the doors to him for his first professional experiences in events, because, in fact, it enabled him to acquire skills in planning, organization, logistics and coordination, the occasion to play the roles of DJ and MC during evenings with friends, at the start, then at parties that took more and more amplitude. All these events have led him to host enraged crowds in several nightclubs. With a contagious energy and an overwhelming charisma, Jay has built up a solid reputation as a skilled facilitator who quickly toured Quebec and gave him the opportunity to host the Montreal DJ Awards, two times. So, he was noticed by the team of Montreal.TV and a request for collaboration as a nightlife reporter was proposed to him. 

Young, but already well known for his qualities and skills, Jay was able to see the path of his dream career taking shape under his feet, as he finally officially launched himself as a host for, including the co-hosting of the Gala Artis coverage, and as well as in prestigious events (host of the 50th Celebrations of the City of Laval, the PROCURE March of Courage and several other events ). Later, as his reputation became even stronger, Jay's voice was heard on the radio on CIBL Montreal and Rythme FM Quebec as a Web and techno columnist, then his face appeared on the air of The Weather Network as a weather presenter and V Télé as a columnist for the show Famille 2.0. After having undeniably acquired several professional skills in hosting, Jay was offered the mandate of the directing of the Web program of the 30th Gala Artis at as well as a mandate as fashion columnist for men at Le Cahier at MAtv.


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Today, thanks to his determination and enthusiasm, Jay has clearly learned to shine in the spotlight: he is now hosting  events of large scale of all kinds. In 2016, he was the ambassador of the brand of the YELLOW Shoes men's collection for their 100th anniversary. In 2017, Jay Chevery founded his line of fashion accessories JC.

Jay Chevery is a multidisciplinary artist whose expertise is indisputable: master of ceremonies, tv host, entertaining, acting, stage directing he mastered all these spheres with a spectacular ease. Persevering and enterprising, his personal qualities harmonize perfectly with his professional artistic abilities.