Hosting during the pilot of the documentary La Fourchette du Québec

From the farm to the table!

On Sunday, October 1st, the first filming of the documentary "La fourchette du Québec" on the ancestral farm "Canard du village" of the Beauchamps family in Montérégie took place.

The main objective is to promote local products in Quebec by using Gastronomy to promote this cultural heritage of which we are so proud. It was Jay Chevery, in collaboration with Laprod Inc, who had the pleasure of orchestrating this evening with ease and dynamism.The event brought together Chefs: Joël Robuchon and Éric Gonzalez from the Atelier MTL and Håkan Thörnström and his team, so that together they could create a 6-course meal with the products of different artisans, breeders and / or local producers present at the event.

Thirty Quebec artists including Jérémy Demay, Alex Nevski, Laurent Paquin, Genevieve Borne, Marie-Soleil Michon, Jerome Ferrer and many others were invited to spend the evening in this rural setting, to savor these innovative creations. The chefs have also done honor to the famous duck of the Barbarie breeding not stuffed with "Coward Village" by preparing it in 3 ways, to the happiness of everyone, during different services. Quebec pork, beef Wague, organic vegetables from "La ferme verte tendre" were also part of the food prepared by the gastronomic artists. A mixologist was on hand to make cocktails with Jo Beef's "White Key" distilled water maple vodka, and it was the Robert family of "Vigne and cider house Coteau-Rougement" that offered the agreement. wine/cider for the six services. It was a successful evening, rich in discoveries and passions. !